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Private Clients

With Currency Matters you will benefit from our expertise in the foreign exchange market. We will help you secure the best exchange rate and eliminate your currency risk. Your dedicated account manager will be familiar with your requirements, be available to answer any of your questions and will help you determine a suitable strategy.

Why Choose Currency Matters?


Currency Matters Limited is committed to supporting the Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Terrorism and Anti-Fraud efforts being made Worldwide. We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and observe the compliance and reporting regulations of every jurisdiction in which we are active. This provides clients with a secure and compliant platform.


Currency Matters uses bespoke innovative banking application software for managing financial institutions, private clients and corporate clients. The online software offers a secure environment that allows clients to manage their profile and accounts. Our expertise lies in Foreign exchange and International payments. The software encompasses industry standard technology leaving you free to focus on your business with security and certainty. We are committed to the research and implementation of evolving software solutions that will serve you as well today as in the future.

Customer Service

At Currency Matters customer Care is our number one priority, we offer a friendly and personalised service from a team with many years of experience in foreign currency and international banking provision. Once you open an account with Currency Matters you will be assigned a dedicated Account manager who will take the time to understand your requirements and help you determine a suitable strategy to minimise costs. We offer a proactive service informing you of any movements in the foreign exchange market that could have a bearing on your exposure. Client retention is what we pride ourselves on, and as a result of this we have many clients both corporate and private that have remained with us since our Establishment in 2002.

Money Transfer Example

Set your budget

Currency exchange rate

Completion rate

You are purchasing a property abroad for

With a market average rate recorded on 19/03/2019 of
£1 to €1.1340
compared to Currency Matter’s rate of
£1 to €1.1570

Means the cost to you with Currency Matters is
whereas the market average rate would cost you

Currency Matters can help you by locking the rate at the time you agree to buy the property. So, whatever happens in the currency markets, there’s no nasty surprise that could cause the sale to fall through.
We would save you£2,629.49

What Our Customers Say

Types of Contract

Spot Foreign Exchange

This is the traditional foreign exchange contract where you buy a currency for settlement in two working days. Upon settlement we will make a payment according to your instructions.

Same Day / Next Day Foreign Exchange

We can offer same day and next day settlement for some of the major currencies, depending on amount and availability.

Forward Contract (Fixed Date)

A Forward Contract is one which is agreed for settlement at some fixed point in the future, after two working days. The forwards price is based on the current spot price and adjusted for the interest rate differential between the currencies being bought and sold. This forward rate may be more or less than the current Spot price.

Forward Contract (Variable Date)

Similar to the description of the Forward Contract, except settlement is agreed to occur between two dates, which is at the client’s discretion rather than on a fixed date. This is useful when you don’t know precisely when you would need to settle with your counterparty.

Market Orders

Currency Matters offer the facility to place market orders either on a ‘limit’ basis or on a ’stop’ basis. For example, you can place a limit order to buy your currency at a predetermined price, above the current rate. Alternatively you can place a stop order to buy your currency at a predetermined rate, below the current rate. We can also work orders on a ‘one cancels other’ basis, so if you have both a limit and a stop order in place, and one is executed, the remaining order is automatically cancelled.

Market News and Commentary

You can receive market commentary and news updates by email or by telephone if you prefer. You can contact your account manager at any time with any query at all.

Ready To Get Started?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to telephone +44 (0) 1695 581 669 and we will be happy to help you. There is no cost or obligation attached to opening an account.


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